Some of the most frequently asked questions when buying property in the Algarve.

Buying Property in Portugal

What is the process of buying a property?

From searching for your ideal property in Portugal and visiting the area, to getting your financial affairs in order and speaking to a legal team regarding the required documentation and processes, buying property in Portugal is a fairly straightforward process. Read our expert Buying Property in Portugal Guide to help you along the way.

Can I get a mortgage?

Yes, you can get a mortgage to buy property in Portugal. There are no restrictions for non-EU residents who wish to obtain a mortgage, with many Portuguese banks happy to offer up to 70-80% loan-to-value, with fixed or variable rate repayment options.

What are the financing options?

Depending on your financial circumstances, there are a number of viable options for financing your property purchase in Portugal. Alongside determining how much you’ll be willing to spend, you may also consider avenues such as re-mortgaging your existing property at historically low interest rates, withdrawing funds from low-performing investments, drawing down on your pension and obtaining a mortgage in Portugal.

Is now a good time to buy?

Yes, now is a good time to buy property in Portugal for a number of reasons. Prices of property, particularly in the Algarve, have risen, meaning buying now will likely prove profitable in the future. Low interest rates on mortgages is another desirable factor to invest in the sunny country, as well as financial incentives currently available. If eligible, this can include tax-free pension income, as well as other favourable tax incentives through the Non-Habitual Residency scheme. Please note that this is set to end in 2024.

Living in Portugal

Can you live in Portugal tax-free?

Although Portugal is not a complete tax haven, there are favourable tax benefits that expatriates can benefit from. You may be eligible to receive a reduced tax rate of 10% on your foreign-source pension income for the first ten years in Portugal through the Non-Habitual Residency scheme (ending in 2024), as well as lower rates on income tax for those employed in what Portugal considers a ‘high value-added’ activity.

Is it easy to gain residency?

If you meet the criteria for gaining residency in Portugal, it can be an easy process and after five years, you will have the option to apply for permanent residency and citizenship. 


Methods through which to gain temporary residency include through investment including real estate, work, family reunification, study, retirement or marriage. If you are citizens of the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as Swiss nationals, you do not require a residency visa to live in Portugal. 

What are the advantages of gaining Portuguese residency?

With residency in Portugal, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Visa-free access to the EEA/EU and Schengen Area for you and your family.
  • Eligibility to work and study.
  • Access to Portuguese healthcare system.
  • Option to become a Portuguese citizen after five years of temporary residence permits.

Owning at Quinta Heights

Are the apartments furnished?

The apartments at Quinta Heights are part-furnished with all featuring high-quality units, appliances, and fixtures. A contemporary furniture pack is also available to purchase separately, featuring a range of stylish products custom selected to integrate seamlessly into the existing space, from modern sofas to storage and statement dining furniture.

What are the prices of the apartments?

Prices start from €325,000​ for a one bedroom apartment and €450,000 for a two bedroom.

How close are the resort facilities?

Quinta Heights’ apartments are located immediately adjacent to the resort’s facilities, including an on-site restaurant, spa, gym, sports facilities and landscaped gardens.

How close are we to Ferragudo?

Ferragudo is located just over 3km away from Quinta Heights. It is easily accessible in six minutes by car, a 30 minute walk or 10 minute cycle.

How close is the nearest beach?

Praia dos Caneiros is located just under 2km away from Quinta Heights. It is easily accessible in five minutes by car, a 22 minute walk or 7 minute cycle.

Do the apartments have a swimming pool?

Each apartment building benefits from its own exclusive-use swimming pool. Owners and residents can also make use of the on-site facilities of the resort, including indoor and outdoor pools.

Would you like to find out more?

Fill out the form and discover everything you need to know about the Central Algarve and Quinta Heights.

Would you like to find out more?

Fill out the form and discover everything you need to know about the Central Algarve and Quinta Heights.